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North Port's Tree Service Professionals

Gone Fishing Lawn Care is your trusted partner for comprehensive tree services in Southwest Florida. With our dedication to safety and commitment to excellence, we bring a unique approach to tree care that goes beyond the ordinary. From expert tree cutting, pruning, and trimming to professional tree removal, our skilled team is dedicated to enhancing the health, aesthetics, and safety of your trees in Southwest Florida’s tropical paradise.

Local Expertise

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by Southwest Florida's tropical climate, and our tree services are tailored to thrive in this environment.

Safety First

Our skilled arborists prioritize safety in every aspect of tree care, from pruning and trimming to removal. We follow industry best practices to ensure the well-being of your property and our team.

Comprehensive Services

Whether you need routine tree maintenance or are facing a tree-related emergency, our comprehensive tree services cover all your needs, promoting healthy, thriving trees on your Southwest Florida property.

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Expert Tree Service In North Port, Fl.

Elevate the beauty, health, and safety of your trees with Gone Fishing Lawn Care’s expert tree services in Southwest Florida. Contact us today to experience the Gone Fishing Lawn Care difference, where precision, expertise, and safety come together for your tree care needs.

Pruning and Trimming

Our skilled tree specialists understand the importance of proper tree pruning and trimming to promote optimal tree health and appearance. We employ precision techniques to remove dead or overgrown branches, enhance tree structure, and ensure a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing canopy.

Tree Removal

In cases where tree removal is necessary, our experienced team handles the process with utmost care and safety. Whether due to disease, storm damage, or other reasons, we execute tree removals efficiently, minimizing impact on your property and ensuring a seamless transition.

Stump Grinding

Eliminate unsightly tree stumps with our professional stump grinding services. Our specialized equipment efficiently grinds stumps below ground level, allowing you to reclaim valuable space and eliminate potential safety hazards.

Planting and Transplanting

Enrich your landscape with our tree planting and transplanting services. From selecting the right tree species for your property to ensuring proper planting techniques, we help you introduce new trees or relocate existing ones to enhance your outdoor environment.

Storm Clean Up

When storms wreak havoc on your trees, our storm cleanup services come to the rescue. We swiftly and safely remove debris, fallen branches, and damaged trees, restoring your landscape to its pristine state.

Our Other Outdoor Services


Our lawn care services go beyond mere maintenance – we offer a comprehensive approach to ensure your grass thrives in all its green glory. From precise mowing and weed control to fertilization plans tailored to your lawn's specific needs, our expert team is dedicated to cultivating a vibrant and well-manicured lawn.



From intricate garden designs to strategic plant placements, we bring innovation to every aspect of landscaping. Our commitment goes beyond greenery – we aim to create outdoor spaces that inspire. Whether you desire a tranquil retreat or a vibrant showcase, our landscaping services are tailored to elevate your outdoor experience to new heights.



Transform overgrown or undeveloped areas into blank canvases for your vision. Our skilled team utilizes advanced equipment and strategic approaches to efficiently remove vegetation, debris, and obstacles, leaving you with a cleared space ready for your projects.

Land Clearing


Our expert team handles everything from routine cleaning and water balancing to equipment checks, guaranteeing a pristine and inviting swimming environment. With a commitment to excellence, we address every detail of pool maintenance, so you can focus on making a splash.

Pool Care

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